Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Furute, fractals and everything else...

 And thus we've arrived to the final stage. To top of Watchtower Iteration, from where an anthropomorphic fractal being I named "The Sentient" gazes into the horizons of cyberspace. Today, the more complex 3D fractals I could upload were 3D julians or IFS but I had to stay under 3 iterations and iterate the simplest base shapes. But look back at the times when 3D wasn't even possible or within reach... and look at the future, where things like a 100000 iterations L-system fractal with 100000 iterations Julian four-dimensional quaternions in it's formal grammar will be possible. How complex can that get? Technology will some day make it possible to create systems of such a complexity that they will match a human brains and may be, why not, this system will become sentient just as a side effect of their own complexity as writers like William Gibson have stated. Crazy eh? but their crazy, impossible visions back in the 80's are today real and sometimes I dare say, with all their enlightenment... they fell short.
 So here's my vision of the future, The Sentient. Today a simple fractal collage created on Incendia using IFS and Gumowski attractors. Tomorrow... who knows?

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